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Could this have anything to do with why Obama/Sibelius are reluctant to publish Obamacare enrollment numbers until mid-November?

Number of people who successfully enrolled into Obamacare: Day 1: 6 Day 2: 248 h/t ZeroHedge Advertisements

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Obamacare web site problems could be hiding even larger issues

As I’ve mentioned before, the Obamacare insurance exchange web site has been experiencing severe problems since its implementation. None of these have been resolved. The situation has become so dire that policy wonk Ezra Klein has been continually and increasingly … Continue reading

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Obamacare’s web site is really bad.

Obama tried to compare what’s going on with the site to Apple. “A couple of weeks ago, Apple rolled out a new mobile operating system, and within days, they found a glitch, so they fixed it,” Obama said. “I don’t … Continue reading

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SNL takes Obamacare around the block for a walk…

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Reaction to Pope’s remarks on worshipping ‘god of money’

The blogosphere, especially the libertarian quadrant, is mildly aflutter over recent comments the Pope made over money. Pope Francis made one of his strongest attacks on the global economic system on Sunday, saying it could no longer be based on … Continue reading

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Is the Economist really so naive?

A relatively recent article in The Economist raises significant questions about whether the magazine has some awfully naive journalists on its staff. It’s a dog’s life discusses a proposal in Mexico “to raise taxes on everything from salaries over 500,000 pesos … Continue reading

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Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek Round Two

This video, which is over two years old, has held up quite well. The video that preceded it is below:  

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