Could this have anything to do with why Obama/Sibelius are reluctant to publish Obamacare enrollment numbers until mid-November?

Number of people who successfully enrolled into Obamacare:

Day 1: 6

Day 2: 248

h/t ZeroHedge

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3 Responses to Could this have anything to do with why Obama/Sibelius are reluctant to publish Obamacare enrollment numbers until mid-November?

  1. Yeah! How did those damn people manage to get through? THEY are the glitches!!!

    40k enrolled so far in my state of WA, where we run our own exchanges and web site. But go ahead, you guys. Keep thinking “one size fits all”.

    • Clark Aspen says:

      I have not focused on any of the state exchanges, and I have no reason to believe that there are any issues with them. My primary focus has been the catastrophic failure not only of the Obamacare website, but also the Obama administration’s reaction to it. What’s particularly fascinating about the web site debacle – are you suggesting that there hasn’t been a debacle? – has been that it has been detracting attention away from the fundamental problems of Obamacare itself. (The Republican leadership’s inane attempt to abolish Obamacare by “shutting down” the government and threatening to default has also helped in distracting people’s attention from those flaws, but in today’s world that’s old news now.) Those problems won’t be addressed, let alone solved, by anything the states do.

      Finally, I am not sure who you are referring to as “you guys,” seeing that it ought to be abundantly clear that this is a blog written by one person.

  2. Oh I realize the administration failed to provide an awesome web site. They hired a company to do the app (CGI) that the Canadian government had previously fired for incompetence. But that’s what happens in low-bid government contracting. You end up with the companies that are good at lobbying, not at doing the job.

    My point was that the main thing wrong is not the web site, or even the intent of the program (in theory), but in having the feds try to administrate a data set with all the variables of 36 diverse states. It’s an unnecessarily complex IT task. Those states need to get off their asses and make the law work to meet the needs of their local residents, break down the job of expanding health care coverage into smaller, more crunchable numbers.

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