The beginning of the end for Washington?

I don’t know if I agree with the nuances of this article, but the simple fact that the premise is even being raised is telling.

Meanwhile, as the media’s focus has generally been on the civil war within the Republican Party about how to proceed on Obamacare and the debt ceiling, the Democratic Party ain’t exactly holding up very well either. For one thing, the main fundraiser for the party is nearly broke:

The Democrats’ numbers speak for themselves: Through August, 10 months after helping President Obama secure a second term, the [Democratic National Committee] owed its various creditors a total of $18.1 million, compared to the $12.5 million cash cushion the Republican National Committee is holding.

Several executives at firms that contract to provide services to the party — speaking anonymously to avoid antagonizing what remains an important if troubled client — describe an organization playing for time as they raise alarms about past-due bills falling further behind. And senior strategists close to the DNC say they worry the organization appears to have no road map back to solvency. “They really thought they could get this money raised by the summer,” one said, “but the fact is, from talking to people over there, they have no real plan for how to solve this.”

Several commentators have been frothing over the possibility of the Democrats retaking the House from the Republicans in 2014. However, aside from all of the issues now raging on the Hill, the Jackasses have more pressing problems to address.

Like avoiding bankruptcy.

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