Atlas’s shoulders are beginning to twitch

I am not a big Ayn Rand fan. Her fiction is ok, I haven’t read much of – nor am I terribly interested in reading – her nonfiction, and I was underwhelmed when I attempted to read Altas Shrugged while in college. Then again, I was a liberal Democrat-turning-socialist at the time, so that may have contributed somewhat to how I read her book.

During recent election cycles it had become stylish among Tea Party Republicans to encourage anyone and everyone to praise the foresight of Ayn Rand while protecting their Medicare. “Read Atlas Shrugged!” was the motto. It’s one thing to read fictional depictions of otherwise productive people go on strike to protest the smothering demands of the welfare state; it’s another entirely for someone to actually do it.

Karl Denninger has taken such a step:

At the end of the day you have to be able to sleep with yourself every night.  And unfortunately there can come a point where the cost-to-benefit ratio is simply all out of whack.  I’ve been blessed with both industry and luck; via both I was able to answer the “do you have enough?” question in the affirmative close to twenty years ago.  My motivating factors left the realm of making sure I could eat at that point and now the balance has unfortunately shifted to where what I do every day is work rather than joy.

In no small part this shift is due to the zombie-like activity of many in this nation, including in places and among parts of the population where you’d think it would not be present.

I refuse to continue to silently accede to, and actively fund through my drive to acquire that measured in and rewarded by “wealth”, the rampant theft and fraud that has and continues to take place in the economic sector, especially in the banking and health care areas of our economy.  None of this could ever exist except through the insertion of the guns of government up the noses of the American people.

I can no longer live with being one of the better sources of funding for these abuses.  This decision did not come lightly, easily or quickly.  But I’m convinced it’s the right choice as things stand today.

In short, if you want it in two words, it’s this: I’m done.

Denninger will be reducing his “income footprint” to be within the (in his words) “Screw You Uncle Sam” range. His blog will be shifting from market-related topics to more political-related topics. His focus will primarily be on

putting before the people a chronology of lies, frauds and scams in the hope that others wake up.

It will be interesting to see if others follow in Denninger’s footsteps.

h/t Economic Policy Journal


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