America is playing checkers while Russia is playing chess

It appears that America’s imminent attack on Syria isn’t so imminent after all. After Putin responded to Kerry’s rhetorical argument that Syria needs to give up its chemical weapons by basically saying, “Yeah, we can do that,” Obama had no choice but to take seriously (or at least pretend to) Russia’s proposal. Now American policy is in a tailspin. As Tyler Durden put it:

So do we want the ability to strike but but not use it? We have to strike to teach them a lesson but a political solution is preferable? We would like congressional approval but don’t need it. Everything has changed and yet nothing has changed?

Hey, if we find ourselves swirling around in diplomatic circles for several months, I won’t mind. At the very least American policymakers won’t be able to come out of the dizziness to make any semblance of a coherent argument to attack Syria for the foreseeable future. Whatever happens, I have the feeling that the Russians will always make sure that the diplomatic channels through the UN are open, and that some sort of progress towards the complete elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons will be made. The neocons must be beside themselves. They want a war, and they want a war nooooowwwwww!

Putin has to give the dude who came up with this brilliant idea the nicest dacha available in Russia; I don’t see how America is going to be able to pull out of this without giving up attacking Syria entirely. And it’s Putin, not Obama, who deserves to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for coming up with a scheme to prevent a widening proliferation of war in the Middle East.

Maybe the Norwegians should just tell Obama to hand his prize over to Putin. I wonder how we would take it?

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